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Case Study: High Performance Primax® and FasClear® vs 3 Mil MDO

High Performance Primax® and FasClear® Films

Our next-generation, fully conformable film solutions

Product packaging using fully conformable films

The solution when size and shape matter

New High Performance Primax® and FasClear® films gives manufacturers, converters and brand owners exactly what they’re looking for – a fully conformable film solution that dispenses at high speeds and is purpose-built for challenging applications. Engineered for larger or complex label designs, the higher performing film is designed specifically for challenging bottle shapes, irregular containers, tubes or where a larger label billboard is necessary. As the latest fully conformable film innovation from Avery Dennison, High Performance Primax and FasClear gives users a durable, flexible facestock and a lower total applied cost across the value chain.


A look that WOWs

Machine Direction Oriented films are engineered to provide a balance of rigidity and conformability that enables the widest operating window to meet today’s most challenging converting, printing and application needs.

Plus, when combined with ClearCut™ Adhesive Technology’s breakthrough formulation, the construction delivers exceptional clarity and reduces downtime associated with build-up on press and on dispensing equipment.

The bottom line? With High Performance Primax and FasClear, you can profit from a wider operating window with less waste, less packaging line disruption, faster run speeds and faster time to market.

High Performance Fully Conformable Films provide a larger billboard than traditional BOPP film labels.


Better Aesthetics and Durability


  • Greater film clarity and better ink adhesion enable the use of high intensity inks and higher definition printing for greater visibility impact that differentiates brands. A 37% improvement over legacy FasClear technology.
  • High press speeds enable up to 30% increase in productivity.
  • Press speeds exceeding 400 fpm with excellent ink anchorage and web stability.
  • A topcoated surface provides superior scuff resistance. Labels easily survive demanding use environments; like kitchens, bathrooms, retail shelves, and warehouses.
  • Up to 50% less adhesive bleed with ClearCut™ adhesive technology. ClearCut reduces downtime associated with build up on press and dispensing equipment leading to additional throughput and revenue.
  • Colors that ‘pop’ for better aesthetics and brand differentiation than traditional non-topcoated products.

Material Reduction

Applicable Markets

  • Avery Dennison Greenprint™ indicates High Performance Primax and FasClear delivers a 12% material reduction compared to 3.0 Mil MDO/S692N/1.2 Mil PET
  • Home and Personal Care
  • Beer and Beverage
  • Food
  • Industrial
  • Lawn and Garden
  • Wine & Spirits
  • Durable Goods
  • And, uses 14% less fossil fuels and generates 19% less solid waste compared to 3.0 Mil MDO/S692N/1.2 Mil PET


79683 High Performance FasClear ClearCut 1.2 Mil PET EXACT
79684 High Performance Primax ClearCut 1.2 Mil PET EXACT