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Fas-Flex™ Plate Mounting Tapes Portfolio




Fas-Flex™ Specs

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57708 Fas-Flex™ 8615S Slit to width/75 PVL 2 Days*
57709 Fas-Flex™ 8615M Slit to width/75 PVL 2 Days*
57710 Fas-Flex™ 8615H Slit to width/75 PVL 2 Days*

*All order placed by 3:00P.M EST will ship within 48 hours.  All orders ship UPS 2 Day

Eastern PVL=Painesville, OH



Plate Mounting Tapes Portfolio Characteristics:

Performance Engineered Plate Mounting Tapes

  • Excellent image quality for print designs from solids to fine lines and screens
  • Easy to reposition during the mounting process
  • Allows for minimal vibration, gear chatter and bouncing at high press speeds
  • Removes cleanly from both plates and cylinders with little to no adhesive residue 
  • Consistent tolerance and dimensional stability helps to reduce uncontrolled dot gain 

Product Construction Attributes 

  • 0.015" (0.38 mm) tape thickness
  • Designed with PE film on both sides of the foam core for extremely consistent tape caliper 
  • Order any width from 5" to 27" at increments of 1/8th of an inch
  • Any width can be ordered from 5 inches to 27 inches at increments of 1/8th of an inch 
  • Closed cell PE foam structure easily rebounds from compression during the printing process