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Automotive Label Portfolio

Adhesive performance that goes the distance.

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Automotive Specs



2 Mil White PET TC/S8015/50#SCK Stock/5000 NEE 1 Day


2 Mil Matte White PET TC/S8015/50#SCK Custom Coat/5000 PVL 5 Days


2 Mil Matte Chrome PET TC/S8015/50#SCK EXACT™/1668 NEE 1 Day
*79453 2 Mil White PET TC/S8049/50#SCK ABC Stock/1668 PVL 1 Day
79534 2 Mil Matte Chrome PET TC/S8049/50#SCK ABC Custom Coat/1668 PVL 5 Days
78385 2 Mil White PET TC/S8001/50#SCK EXACT™/5000 PVL 1 Day
78401 3 Mil Synthetic Paper/S8001/50#SCK EXACT™/5000 PVL 1 Day
78387 2 Mil Matte Chrome PET/S8001/50#SCK EXACT™/5000 NEE 1 Day
79653 2 Mil White PET TC/8049A/EZ Liner Custom Coat/1000 PVL 4 Days
79654 2 Mil Brushed Chrome PET TC/8049A/EZ Liner Custom Coat/1000 PVL 4 Days
*79732 2 Mil White PET TC/S8029/50# SCK ABC Single Roll/2500 PVL 4 Days
Stock/1668 PVL 1 Days
77855 1 Mil Clear Print-Treated PET/S730/1 Mil PET EXACT™/5000 NEE 1 Day
77841 1 Mil Clear PET TC/S8020/40# BG Ready Width™ 6/5000 PVL 1 Day
Ready Width™ 12/5000
Products designed to be tamper evident
78194 2 Mil White Void PET TC/S8015W/50#SCK EXACT™/1700 NEE 1 Day
78195 2 Mil Silver Void PET TC/S8015/50#SCK EXACT™/1700 NEE 1 Day
Labels designed to adhere to silicone or silicone-treated surfaces
*79438 1.5 Mil White PET TC/S8092/3 Mil PET Single Roll/850 PVL 1 Day
PVL=Painesville, OH NEE=Neenah, WI

Featuring a suite of high performance adhesives:

S8001—An emulsion-based product that’s economical, yet high-performing on a wide range of surfaces, and in a variety of environments.

S8015—A solvent-based product that’s high performing on many difficult-to-label surfaces, like varnished substrates.

NEW! S8029—Designed for low surface energy and filled plastic substrates, the S8029 is a rubber/acrylic hybrid product.


S8049—A proprietary rubber/acrylic hybrid product, S8049 is well-suited for use in applications where labels must adhere to oily, low surface energy, rough substrates.

S8092—A silicone-based product that has high adhesion to silicone substrates and silicone coated surfaces.


Portfolio Characteristics:

Key Features:

Application Areas:

  • Exterior: Fuel cap, tire pressure and tracking/service labels
  • Interior: Airbag, security/anti-counterfeit, warning, instruction and tracking labels
  • Under-the-hood: Labels for heat/chemical-resistant warnings, engine component instructions, tracking, fluid containers, car batteries and cables
  • Full range of self-adhesive materials, including multiple facestocks and adhesives
  • Excellent adhesion to a wide range of substrates, including rough and low surface energy plastics
  • High temperature and chemical resistance
  • Durable performance in harsh environments
  • Compliant with REACH, RoHS, IMDS and common testing parameters specified by automotive OEMs

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