My Avery Dennison FAQ's

Q. How do I log in and where do I find my password?

A. You will receive an email with your new login and password. Your new login in will be your email address and you will need to reset your password to something you choose the first time you log in.

Q. How do I change my address in My Account?

A. Your Shipping address can be changed by you in My Account. Your Billing address needs to be changed by contacting Customer Service.

Q. Where can I see the company/location info?

A. Click on the top of the page.

Q. If I have multiple locations, how do I see all of my locations in MyAD?

A. Please contact Customer Service for this. 
1-800-944-8511, option 2.

Q. What if my email address needs to be changed?

A. Login to your My Avery Dennison then go to My Account. Once you are in My Account go to Account Management and update you email address. IMPORTANT: When you change your email address your login will be the new email address.  

Q. How do I manage my Avery Dennison email preferences?

A. You can update your emailing preferences in My Account.

Q. Where do I find more information about a spec?

A. Click on the spec description or name.

Q. Where do I find Data Sheets?

A. Data sheets are located within the product detail information for all specs. Find a specific spec by searching its number or using a keyword in the Product Finder.

Q. Why don’t I see the Roll Optimizer on some products?

A. These are EXACT products and cannot be changed.

Q. How do I place an order?

A. Login to My Avery Dennison, Select the Products in the menu, then select Product Finder.  Search for your spec, once you have found it add the spec to your cart then checkout. Your order number will be provided once your order is confirmed.

Q. How do I find my legacy order status?

A. Fasson has been discontinued and you will need to call Customer Service to get additional information.

Q. How do I find my price list/pricing?

A. Login to My Avery Dennison, Select Products from the menu, then select Pricing.  You price list is available and you have the ability to download it if needed.

Q. What if i want to place an order but I don’t know my spec or product number?

A. You may use the product finder to search for a product and you can start your order from there, once you have identified the product that you are looking for.

Q. How far back does my Order History go?

A. Order history will only contain order information from orders placed in the new My Avery Dennison™ system.

Q. Where is the info for my older orders located?

A. Older order info was part of our old system and is currently not accessible.

Q. Where do I find my order lead time?

A. Most Stock is 1-2 days, most custom is 3-5 days. To be sure, contact Customer Service.

Q. Where do I find Roll Calculator?

A. Roll Calculator is located in the Product Finder on the left side of the page.

Q. Why can’t I order certain products even though the price is showing?

A. Please contact Customer Service for this request. 1-800-944-8511, option 2.

Q. Why can’t I re-order every item in my past order?

A. Some orders contain items that are from our new database system and we are unable to add all of those items back together in the same order.

Q. How do I cancel or change an order?

A. Once you have placed your order, any modifications or cancellations must be done by contacting Customer Service at 1-800-944-8511. We cannot guarantee that we can modify or cancel your order.

Q. Why can’t I add anything to My Cart?

A. If no price is available or you are unable to click “Add to Cart”, please contact Customer Service at 1-800-944-8511.

Q. Why did my delivery date change

A. All dates are pending until we receive the purchase order acknowledgement

Q. Why do I see two different order numbers on my documents?

A. Some documents may have two order numbers during the transition phase. To get additional information about the order always use the order number that has 8 digits (our new system order number) when using My Avery Dennison account online. The new system order number will begin with a “1”

Q. What is PO Line Reference?

A. A specific reference that can be applied at the line level on your purchase orders and is carried across to paperwork and labelling from our new system

Q. What is a Customer Job Reference?

A. This is different from a Purchase Order Number or Part Number, it may be an indicator of the end-user for a job, an instruction of who to mark material for the attention of, or even a location in your facility that you want material to be stored it and can be changed order after order as needed. Some customers find this useful for naming sample rolls.

Q. How long is the COA available online?

A. The documents will be retained online for 2 years.

Q. How do I get order information if I have two order numbers?

A. Some documents may have two order numbers during the transition phase. To get additional information about the order always use the order number that has 8 digits.

Q. Can I hide prices from other employees who use the site?

A. No you are unable to hide pricing for employees.

Q. What are Templates?

A. Templates are Saved Orders. Items that you have ordered in the past and would like to re-order.

Q. What if I don’t see the report I need?

A. Contact Customer Service and they can help create the report you need.

Q. How to create a Template (saved order)?

A. Instructions for this on your home page under “Templates”.