Epson qualifies 11 Avery Dennison Label Materials for Its ColorWorks™ Printers

The Avery Dennison Water-based Inkjet range, optimised for short-run water-based printing, has been evaluated for use with the Epson ColorWorks C7500 and C7500G desktop printers and inks.


Mariya Nedelcheva, Product Manager Digital Film, said that all of the materials scored ‘excellent’ for water resistance: “Striking the right balance between print quality and water/smudge/chemical resistance is crucial for label media – it ensures that materials can be used for the widest possible range of applications”. Customers can now choose from 11 different tested labelling materials – many of which offer excellent print quality.

Adding Avery Dennison media to Epson’s tested materials list means that the choice of labels for the CW7500 series now includes a metallised PET, a squeezable PP and matt water-resistant films. Nedelcheva said that prequalification was important: “Users need to know that they are selecting the right material for their printer. Testing materials for the best settings makes this choice quicker and easier. Evaluated materials allow labels to be created on Epson C7500 printers with confidence in a first time quality print when using the recommended settings.”

The aim of Epson’s Tested Media1 website is to provide users with clear and detailed information on a wide range of third-party media which Epson has evaluated for use with the ColorWorks C7500 and C7500G, allowing users, in consultation with media suppliers,to select exactly the right media for the application they have in mind. The comprehensive tests include a physical test, a print quality test, and a print behaviour test. More details can be found on

Frank Maeder, head of product marketing, Epson Europe, says, “Reliable, high-quality printers and bright, durable inks are only two-thirds of the story when printing perfect labels. Media are just as important, and at Epson we believe we should test third-party media as carefully as we test our own, so that our customers can make informed choices and print great quality labels.”



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