Sensorial Collection


Our “Sensorial Collection,” a portfolio of label materials for designers that invites users to engage their senses, picked up a prestigious design prize earlier this year.  

The prize was awarded by Graphis, a New York-based publisher committed to presenting and promoting the work of exceptional talent in graphic design, advertising, photography and art/illustration. We received the prize for one of six designs we commissioned from White Studio, an international design studio specializing in packaging. White Studio is located in the Portuguese city of Porto.

Our assignment for the designers at White Studio was simple: to design five labels using our Sensorial Collection of unique and premium finish label materials. The objective, however, was more complex: to inspire designers and brand owners by showing how the new Sensorial Collection can awaken the senses to create the unforgettable.

Sensorial Collection materials are designed to go beyond the usual, offering options that involve the senses of touch, smell and even sound to the label experience. The aim of the White Studio designs was to elevate thinking about new uses for our materials.

“Our job was to take color, shape and figure, and add in some inspiration from the great discoveries of the 15th century, to create designs reflecting the excitement of worlds and cultures colliding,” explained Eduardo Aires, White Studio’s founder.

The winning design was an inspirational enveloped filled with different wine, spirits and craft beer label designs—including a red flower on a wine label, a label for “Atacama Peppers” highlighting the skin of a lizard, a minimalist sake label, a multicolored rum label that would “capture the colors and smells of Cuba and the Caribbean, and a gin label featuring a burly sailor.