Become essential to tracking PCBs

Converters need to get clever when it comes to printed circuit boards. Circuit boards are soldered at temperatures that exceed 250°C then cleaned with harsh cleaning chemicals.

With extensive knowledge of these issues, Avery Dennison offers a range of polyimide face stocks and acrylic adhesives that maintain label performance. They offer high value while being integral to efficient production process.

Easier than you think
High tech manufacture may seem a far off prospect for many converters but entering is probably easier than you think. The same principles for label stability and durability apply as other areas of conversion, and Avery Dennison has outstanding expertise to help you make a switch from other segments.

And switching could bring you some reward. At the moment few converters are considering this as a promising opportunity. But for those ready to take the plunge the returns could be significant and rapid.

An area waiting to be explored
We want to ensure your excellence in labelling gets recognised with great business results. We are on hand to supply the technology and expertise to make an impact in an area whose technical dimensions are well known but whose business potential remains untapped. We’re on hand to talk you through both the technologies and possibilities available.


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