RHA is the answer to low surface energy plastics

Plastics make sense for automotive manufacturers. They are lightweight, which affects fuel consumption, and it is easy to assemble. But they can cause problems for warning and identification labels.

Plastics possess lower surface energy than traditionally used metals. This basically means that it’s tricky to get labels to stay on them.

Rubber hybridised acrylic
Avery Dennison has developed a range of rubber hybridised acrylic adhesives that bond powerfully to low surface energy substrates. They are designed to withstand the humidity, temperature and chemical conditions found in automotive. Put simply, when warning and identification labels need to work hard, we’ve developed the adhesives to cope.

Beyond automotive
Because they overcome the critical problem of low surface energy plastics, rubber hybridised acrylics can be applied to household, industrial and garden machinery as well as the huge field of household appliances.
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Make the difference in automotive
Find out how you can make the difference in the automotive sector. We offer quick quotes with low minimum order quantities and fast delivery so you can see for yourself how this opportunity can change your business.


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