Get in early on heavy industry

Raw materials need to be tracked and traced to ensure efficient supply chains. But they aren’t always easy to label. Surfaces such as wood or hot metal require unique approaches to ensure durability.

Traditional approaches include handwritten marks, rivets or welding. However, these can either lack durability or be costly to implement.

Avery Dennison has examined the awkward properties of essential materials for the building, timber, metal and manufacturing industries. The resulting solutions include hanging tags and self-adhesive label materials that can withstand temperatures up to 550°C

This means our converters can enter the supply chain early to provide durable track and trace whatever the demand of the material. This durability means increased efficiency and improved tracking options for your customer.

Supporting your expansion
The Change Your Horizons product selection aims to support our converters to enter new value spaces. We want you to be at the forefront of new segment opportunities by supplying you with the best technology, technical and business expertise. Take advantage of our scale and industry insight, and see if you can enter a promising new business area.


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