Turn up the heat in automotive

Technical fabrics have previously been outside the business scope of most label converters. Now heat activated adhesives create labels that are flexible and durable and very easy to apply.

The trouble with seat belts
Let’s take the example of seat belts. Previously a label here would be sewn on, and then suffer wear and tear as well as sun damage. This has led to important safety and product information becoming worn and even impossible to read. The label ceases to do its job, and stitching it there in the first place is time consuming.  

With heat-activated labelling you can get the information where it’s needed by sticking labels directly to the seat belt using a low-cost heat press. Labels can be thermal transfer printed before being applied, with variable data added as required. This is totally new possibility for technical fabric labelling.

Durable bonds
With heat activation our adhesive forms a structural, permanent bond with its substrate. This makes the label able to move with the fabric whilst retaining high visibility of information. As you’d expect with safety critical information, the labels are both flame retardant and highly UV resistant.

Extensive application
This new technology opens up a whole new segment for converters. The ease and speed of this process make it vastly superior to previous methods. At the same time, under-explored applications in safety clothing, mobility equipment and agricultural film are ripe for exploitation. Talk to your existing clients about where you can make a difference.

Make the difference in automotive
Find out how you can make the difference in automotive. We offer quick quotes with low minimum order quantities and fast delivery so you can see for yourself how this opportunity can change your business.


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