Low temperature pharmaceutical labelling

More than 1 million human tissue samples are collected each year. Both life-saving and life-creating, these samples must be preserved at low temperatures and their contents accurately traced.

We offer white, opaque and clear labels that can be printed with inkjet, direct thermal or thermal transfer. They are designed for hospital, clinic and laboratory labelling – for blood plasma bags and small diameters such as test tubes and vials. All our pharmaceutical solutions comply with EU and FDA regulations.

Our range of labels for cold chain and cryogenic applications helps ensure clear identification and protection of biological drugs, bio-banking products and blood components from the moment they’re collected to the moment they’re administered to the patient.

Make pharmaceutical your new niche

We’ve put together the Change Your Horizons selection of products to ensure our converters are in a prime position to explore new value spaces. With our knowledge and technology, you can become an expert in pharmaceutical labelling under extreme conditions.

Product overview Low temperature pharmaceutical labelling

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