Black Collection

We know that black exudes quality and sophistication. The challenge for label converters until now has been how to achieve a deep black – with no white edges.

Our new Black Collection captures the distinctive, edgy appearance that appeals so much to wine and spirit consumers. It also offers great service options - for both small and large projects.

Enabling design with technology
Black versions of cotton, matt wine, soft touch and velvet open up new design opportunities - so you can reach the brands you want to work with. Rich black surfaces mean there’s no need for double printing, saving on both production time and ink. You also get black right to the edge of the label.

Why black makes sense
Research* shows that 64% of customers try a new brand because it catches their eye, and millennials show a distinct preference for bottle designs that are bold and distinctive.

We’ve turned these insights into cutting edge materials that allow your brands to stand out and shift more units. Because most wine and spirit brands still use neutral colours and traditional typefaces, our Black Collection is a great way to differentiate and corner more business - with deep blacks and embossed or velvet textures.

Fast delivery, and small order quantities

If you’re enticed by black, we can offer you a rapid quote and fast delivery, with low minimum order quantities (MOQs).

Try it, touch it - and most of all, offer it to your clients who need more than ever to stand out on the shelf.


Product overview