• Vegan labels

    Helping brands go vegan inside and out

Brands across different sectors are answering consumer demand for vegan food and other offerings made without anything animal based. But going totally cruelty-free in terms of both product and packaging hasn’t been possible – until now.



Completely free from animal products, testing and GMOs, our vegan labels portfolio is a market first. The result of intense work by our global R&D team, the seven items in this line are fully approved by EVE VEGAN®, an independent certification organization associated with Vegan France.

What vegan means for labels

Animal products aren’t just used to make food and clothing – they’re found in other places, too. Learn how we’ve created a label that supports the demand for vegan packaging.



Mix and match 

Currently, the vegan labels portfolio consists of six paper facestocks, three adhesives and two liners, and they can be mixed and matched according to your needs. Every item in the range offers a level of performance close to that of traditional alternatives, so they handle converting and application with ease.

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Putting brand values front and center

Eco-friendly packaging and vegan labels help brands connect with consumers by

demonstrating that they take their values and commitments seriously.

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Vegan labels - Avery Dennison

Sustainability related

vegan labels - Avery Dennison

The growing demand for compostable packaging

As consumers look for more sustainable products, brands turn to packing that can return to nature. Learn more about our ‘OK compost’ certified labels.

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