Reclosure Labels Portfolio

"Every reclosure is a removable, but not every removable is a reclosure."

Many consumer products rely on reclosure functionality for moisture control and freshness - from dry packaged foods through to cosmetic wet wipes. Maximum product quality and end-user convenience both depend on labelling solutions that enable repeated opening and closing throughout a product’s lifecycle. Avery Dennison offers a diverse range of reclosures (also known as peel-and-reseal labels) for wet and dry applications. They preserve products, prevent spillage and protect your brand.  

Application areas

Home & Personal Care

Household, cosmetic or baby wipes. The adhesive comes into direct contact with water, oils, scents or chemicals inside the pack


Dry, fresh or frozen food packaging. Designed to keep contents in a pack, or to provide barrier functionality and maintain the quality of perishable foods that are sensitive to oxygen and moisture (e.g. cheese, meat, herbs, berries)

Reclosure labels for home & personal care

Reclosure labels for food packaging

NEW! Innovation

Heat Sealable Reclosure System – A functional packaging breakthrough

Thought Leadership

Pressure-sensitive reclosures offer integrated convenience and versatility in one package


An introduction to functionality of reclosure/reseal solutions