Direct Thermal Printable Films

Today’s consumers want to know exactly what they eat and drink and increasingly drive demand for transparent, safe, and attractive food packaging. Meanwhile, brand owners and retailers want their products to stand out among their competitors in stores, without compromising on functionality. As a result, the importance of premium food packaging has been showing rapid growth.

Avery Dennison, BPA-free Direct Thermal films are developed for packaging that requires late-stage printing of variable information and low minimum order quantities. They allow for creating meat, fruit and vegetable labels that remain unaffected by moisture, grease and fat, and maintain maximum shelf-appeal.

Additionally, using a thin Direct Thermal overlaminating film can make label, including selected parts of preprinted labels, suitable for direct thermal printing. 

Our S692N adhesive supports general purpose applications, whereas S2800 and C2040 give high performance on fresh and cold surfaces.

Application areas

  • Pre-packed meat in plastic trays  

  • Fresh fruit and produce packaging  

  • Food sold by weight, weighed in-store  

  • Addition of variable information section to prime labels