Our new Select Solutions™ Catalogue has arrived.


The latest edition of the Avery Dennison Select Solutions™ Catalogue focuses on sustainability and features 84 pages and over 30 application-specific labelling portfolios of high performance and innovative materials. 

From compelling labelling materials that reinforce the value of your brand through all senses, to solutions that perform under even the most extreme circumstances. From sustainable options to integrating new technologies for more accuracy in inventory and efficiency in supply-chain management. 

With this catalogue we offer you an overview of our newest and proven Select Solutions to help you create profitable and effective labelling applications.

Download the interactive Catalogue or contact your Avery Dennison representative for a printed copy.

Select Solutions™ Catalogue

The rise of sustainability

Our GM Jeroen Diderich talks about protecting the planet and creating new opportunities for your business.

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Custom solutions for specific needs

100.000+ possible materials combinations with Mix & Match™ and Engineered Solutions.

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A label landscape transformed by recycling

Going beyond reduce, reuse, recycle.

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30+ application-specific label portfolios

Solutions from our off-the-shelf label portfolios for key segment applications.

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Sustainable Choices

Sustainable solutions for the entire value chain.

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Wine, Spirits and Craft Beer

For looks that truly stand out on the shelf and improved consumer engagement.

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Pharmaceutical solutions

For small sizes, freezing temperatures and tamper-evidence.

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Intelligent Labels

Add a unique digital life to every product for more efficiency, security and consumer engagement.

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Petrochemical labels

Reliable solutions for oily, aggressive and hazardous contents and textured container surfaces.

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Automotive labels

For handling harsh environments and challenging substrates

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Removable labels

Clean, peelable solutions for various application areas including retail, cardboard and windows.

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Reclosure labels

Functional peel and reseal labels for food, home and personal care.

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