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The growing demand for compostable packaging


As consumers gravitate toward sustainable products, brands are choosing packaging that respects nature and protects our ecosystem.

Our OK Compost labels do both. Certified by the FSC®, they are approved for industrial composting and are the perfect choice for compostable food packages, ice cream cartons, coffee cups, supermarket bags and more.

In response to customer demand, we’ve expanded this range with two new products. Both offer excellent print quality, whether you need something for variable information printing or general multicolor printing.

Best of all, they break down and return to the Earth once they’ve served their purpose, and can be used as mulch or soil-conditioning material.



Wait — what’s ‘compostable’, exactly?

We know differentiating between ‘compostable’ and ‘biodegradable’ can be confusing. But there’s a big difference, and, in terms of sustainability, they’re not created equal.

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The future of composting


The word ‘compostable’ is especially misunderstood. Whether through a lack of information, a need for education, or emphasis on ways of recycling, many consumers think they can discard compostable packaging freely – associating it with the compost used for plants. In fact, just like any other material, it must be separated from other materials for proper processing and disposal. We’ve put together a guide to help you understand everything around compostable materials.


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We’ve expanded our range of compostable labels. Learn how they can help you meet sustainability targets and appeal to consumers who care about the Earth.

Avery Dennison launches paper wash-off labels, easily removed with cold water, to provide more opportunities for packaging recycling and reuse.

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