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Syringe Labels



Driven by growth in the injectables market, prefilled syringes, autoinjectors, vials and ampoules are reaching new heights of popularity.

Our comprehensive range of labels for syringes and other tight mandrel pharmaceutical applications offer:

  • superior adhesion properties on a variety of smaller diameter substrates

  • sterilization-friendly and heat, steam and chemical resistant  

  • feature low-migration adhesives to meet compliance requirements

  • Are available in photoluminescent options for detecting missing labels using UV-light

And because we know any change in label components is a serious matter in the highly regulated pharmaceutical industry, we offer notice of adhesive changes well in advance.

Labelling solutions for injectable devices (ANZ)

Low Migration Labeling (South Asia)

Low Migration Labeling (ASEAN)


Thought Leadership - Prefilled syringes and injector devices require careful label consideration