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Where performance meets efficiency.

  • NEW S2025N, emulsion-like converting, good initial tack and ultimate adhesion, excellent die-cutting and stripping performance
  • Excellent adhesion across demanding substrates and challenging temperatures
  • Fast converting speed
  • Global compliance
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Sticks to the toughest surfaces.

  • Broadest range of adhesive technologies for virtually any surface and applications
  • High adhesion, permanent acrylic for core electronics and industrial applications
  • Excellent initial tack and ultimate bond strength to low surface energy (LSE) materials including uneven and rugged surfaces, silicon coated/contaminated substrates
  • NEW S8072 Heat-activated adhesive, a structural bonding adhesive designed for textile
  • Resistance to chemicals, heat, oxidation, UV and other challenges
  • International compliance standards e.g. UL/cUL and CSA
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Quick on. Easy off. No mess.

  • Broad range of solutions for various applications
  • Easy-peel for quick removability without residue
  • Low minimum order quantities and fast service
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Easy access. Secure closure.

  • High performance applications for multiple opens and reclosures
  • Suitable for dry and moist applications
  • Food-friendly adhesives
  • NEW high solvent-resistant range for household or chemical wipes
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Delivered by the experts in adhesion:
Avery Dennison

Whatever your product, whatever your industry, whatever challenging substrate or environment your labels have to contend with, Avery Dennison has the right solution for you. Our products and technologies are an integral part of products used in every major industry, ably supported by a team of 25,000 employees operating in more than 50 countries worldwide.

So give us a sticky challenge, and let us demonstrate why you’ll quickly get attached to what we have to offer.

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