Latest polyester film adhesive from Avery Dennison further expands durables labelling range

The latest adhesive for low surface energy (LSE) plastics from Avery Dennison confirms the company’s commitment to innovation in the segment and to market-leading service levels. S8029 offers dependable performance, rapid supply and low minimum order quantities.

Charlotte Vey, product manager, said that there are two key challenges when labelling smooth, lightweight plastics in the durables segment: “Converters obviously need an adhesive that converts well and delivers long-term performance in challenging applications such as under-the-hood automotive and home appliances. However, service levels can be just as important – the right minimum order quantity and rapid dispatch from stock can make the difference between a viable and non-viable job.”

The new S8029 adhesive uses Avery Dennison’s rubber hybridized acrylic (RHA) adhesive technology, with an acrylic network for high cohesion/strength and domains of rubber for high adhesion on challenging substrates. The result is the best of both worlds - a high final adhesion value (enhanced by the rubber domains) and high chemical resistance (enabled by the acrylic network). S8029 has a coatweight of 27 g/m², enabling easier conversion, and is available on white and silver polyester films, from stock. It is an excellent choice for smooth surfaces, including lacquers and LSE plastics in home appliances and electronics.

Charlotte Vey said that Fasson® EXACT™ service provides low minimum order quantities, with S8029 available from 300m2, slit from a 1-metre width roll: “This is not a segment where label converters can order ‘just in case’ quantities of stock, so we provide rapid dispatch (typically within a day ex-works) and the small orders that they need to address a wider range of customer demands.”

Materials with S8029 meet the requirements of automotive OEM specifications, and are also UL® and cUL® recognised - a feature that is especially important for applications involving household appliances and electronics.