Helping you to Pioneer Change – see our latest Select Solutions™ catalogue

‘Neuromarketing’ is a hot topic, and our latest Select Solutions™ catalogue is designed to help label converters influence the subconscious decisions that underpin so many consumers’ choices.

Georg Mueller-Hof, vice president marketing, said that this is of particular relevance to premium segments such as wine and spirits, where small differences in colour, texture and contrast are key to success: “This catalogue is a very important tool, with new ideas and new sources of inspiration. It gives converters access to an extremely broad toolkit of different, high-performance materials. The range of technologies on offer allows them to explore new approaches and differentiate very significantly – to grow business successfully in new areas.”

The catalogue’s theme is ‘Pioneering Change’. It reflects Avery Dennison’s long history of innovation, and the potential for growth that is unleashed when converters are able to think differently and expand their offering to customers.”

Read on to see more about the Black Collection, with profound and luxurious black labels for wine & spirits and other luxury applications. There is a new heat-activated adhesive for the automotive segment opportunities; a tamper-evident pharma range; and a new clear hotmelt adhesive for food labelling, which does not ‘yellow’ over time. Sustainability is also promoted further with MC recycled paper facestock.

Avery Dennison is here to help you Pioneer Change, and our Technical Excellence teams are ready to support your business.

The products featured in this catalogue are a selection of a broader portfolio. Please contact your local sales representative if you have any questions.

The German and French versions of the catalogue will be available soon.