Tools for Converters

Avery Dennison LPM works with converters all around the world. Often, it takes deep collaboration to find the right label solution for a brand owner, depending on their application needs, supply logistics, budget and a host of other factors.

To help manage your account more effectively, we’re offering a few quick tools that can help you find roll the length and/or diameter for a particular laminate thickness. And be sure to download our Case Studies or click through to our Education section to learn new information about adhesive constructions and film compositions.

Common Line Calipers

Liner Width
.92 Gauge PET 0.92Mil
1 Mil PET 1.02Mil
1.2 Mil PET 1.2Mil
1.5 Mil PET   
40# BG   
40# SCK 2.44Mil
40# CK 2.46Mil
44# PK 3.4Mil
54# SCK 3.19Mil
78# CC 4.6Mil
88# MC 5.6Mil
92# PK 7Mil