Clear Hotmelt Adhesive


The shelf appeal of chilled food applications has always been limited when using clear films with hotmelt adhesives. This is due largely to the inherent ‘yellowing’ effect of hotmelt adhesives, especially after exposure to UV light.  

Now an ultra-clear, non-yellowing hotmelt adhesive is available that offers the tack and application temperature of a conventional hotmelt adhesive. Both conformable (Polyethylene) and ultra clear rigid (Polypropylene) films are included in the product portfolio.

With Avery Dennison Clear Hotmelt S2045C there is no longer a need to compromise between shelf-appeal and low-temperature adhesive performance. This new S2045C adhesive also delivers a lower total applied cost (TAC), because it no longer requires a barrier-film facestock. Our best-in-class TC7007 topcoat ensures higher conversion speeds.

All of the PE and PP facestocks offered with S2045C adhesive deliver excellent printability at high conversion speeds. Clear Hotmelt is a straightforward and costeffective way to achieve a great ‘no label’ look for chilled foods.

Key Features

  • First general-purpose clear hotmelt
  • Improved shelf appeal – clarity and printability
  • Lower total applied cost (TAC)
  • Suitable for use with PP Clear
  • Suitable for labeling of curved and contoured substrates with PE Clear and White
  • MInimum application temperature 0°C

Application Areas

  • Chilled food applications where shelf appeal is important
  • Applications that previously used conventional hotmelt
  • Other applications where high tack at lower temperatures is required