Intelligent Labels


Intelligent labels or 'smart labels'—labels inlaid with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology—are rapidly improving many aspects of how we live, from the clothes we wear and the food we eat to our cars, medicine, and air travel. As the world's largest UHF RFID partner, Avery Dennison is at the forefront of this transformation, developing pioneering integrated RFID solutions designed to help improve inventory management and loss prevention across the value chain, from manufacturing source to consumer. Businesses in multiple industries choose Avery Dennison intelligent  label solutions, including UHF, HF and NFC solutions, to boost efficiency, enhance visibility, and increase margins, while providing customers with greater convenience, reliability, and safety.

Getting Started with RFID

We’ve helped hundreds of leading brands, retailers and converters improve efficiencies and increase profits. If your business is contemplating integrating RFID into its supply chain management, we have insights into what you’ll need to think about before you start.

Industry Solutions

With proven solutions and published ROIs across multiple sectors,  we have the know-how and product portfolio to drive success with RFID smart labels in your industry.

RFID Inlay Portfolio

As the world’s largest RFID partner, our extensive portfolio covers a range of inlays designed to work across multiple applications in various industries.

Time and Temperature Tracking

Document safe, compliant handling: Our TT Sensor Plus™ is a smart tracking label that records the time and temperature of the item it’s attached to, as the item moves through the supply chain.

Consumer Engagement

Our smart label solutions let you communicate one-on-one by delivering your brand message to a consumer’s smartphone.

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Come see for yourself how intelligent label solutions can improve your business—visit one of our dedicated intelligent label centres, or find us at industry events worldwide.