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EXACT & Ready Width

Avery Dennison’s Fasson EXACT and Fasson Ready Width programs can help  streamline your operations and bolster your bottom line. The innovative EXACT program features more than 100 hundred specs you can order in precise roll width and length to match your required slit patterns – eliminating end wasted roll remainders and offcuts.

How does EXACT translate to efficiency and profitability? By participating in the program you can save up to 10 percent of total order cost through reduced trim waste;  reduce inventory by nearly 80 percent; streamline operations with materials staged directly to press, and save up to 15 percent of their total purchasing spend.

The Ready Width program has many advantages as well. The service allows you to purchase low-volume products at standard widths and lengths currently not included on the EXACT program. This valuable service is particularly well suited to lower volume products. It saves you from buying a full master roll—eliminating the waste and cost of excess material while also providing another option in your material selection process.


Fasson EXACT™ & Splice-Free Update

Mix & Match

Challenging applications can demand out-of-the-ordinary solutions. Mix & Match lets you choose from a range of facestocks, as well as a selection of adhesives and release liners to create unique label constructions with the application and performance requirements you need. Mix & Match gives you the benefit of a customized label solution with low minimum order quantities, rapid pricing and delivery you expect.


Select Solutions™ Engineered Solutions

Engineered Solutions is a service that helps you develop custom products that differentiate your business and grow your bottom line. Take advantage and connect with the Engineered Solutions team - featuring some of the label and packaging materials industry's most experienced professionals. This team is dedicated to helping you be first to market with solutions meeting your clients' needs. 




Buy, sell and save with RollXchange
Need an easy way to move inventory or obtain quality material for a short run? Visit, the industry’s online platform for buying and selling roll materials. As a seller, you’ll reach hundreds of potential buyers with a single easy-to-manage listing. And as a buyer, you’ll have instant access to thousands of roll products.

For buyers, RollXchange is your shopping network:

  • Instantly access thousands of discounted products
  • Buy what you need—whether a single roll or a truckload
  • Reduce the cost of finding products—save time with email notifications based on your personalized Wish List
  • Rely on Avery Dennison to manage delivery logistics

For sellers, RollXchange is your online warehouse:

  • Recover asset costs and reduce warehousing expenses
  • Reach hundreds of buyers with a single, easy-to-manage listing
  • Rely on Avery Dennison to handle credit and collection
  • Benefit from your sales with redeemable Fasson Dollars

Let Avery Dennison handle the time-consuming transactions of credit, collection and delivery logistics. Whether you plan to buy or sell—or both—your RollXchange account almost manages itself. All accounts come preloaded with timesaving features such as bill of ladings and commercial invoices, a wish list for automatic notification of desired items and several self-reporting features for both buyers and sellers.

Have questions? Call us at 800.211.2887 or visit us at today to start buying, selling and saving.


If you’re looking to test a new construction or experiment with a proposed Engineered Solution, our technical team has added new prototyping capabilities that allow us to quickly create unique, small prototype rolls within seven days. To learn more contact your sales or technical representative.

Single Slit Rolls

Our new Single Slit Roll service program provides you easy access to single rolls for nearly 20 unique product specifications (and growing). You can service your client's needs in any width by 2,500-foot lengths.


* Single Slit Roll Service Program: Available in any width by 2500 ft. (3 in. core)

15483 60# Semi-Gloss Elite™/S490A/2 Mil Polystyrene/S490A/44#PK Single Roll*/2500 PVL Next Day Select Solutions™ Piggyback
53281 PH Cast Gloss+/S717P/ULT Single Roll*/2500 PVL 5 Days Pharmaceuticals
53410 PH Semi Gloss/S727/ULTRA Single Roll*/2500 PVL 5 Days Pharmaceuticals
75312 Inverted-Face Metallized Primax® 250/S1000/44#PK Single Roll*/2500 PVL 4 Days Select Solutions™ Cover-Up
79637 2 Mil White BOPP TC/PR1000/40#BG SSR/2500 PVL 4 Days Select Solutions™ Reclosure & Removables
79119 2 Mil Matte White PET Inkjet/S8001/50#SCK Single Roll*/2500 PVL Next Day Durables
79348 5 Mil Matte White Kimdura® Inkjet/S4600/50#SCK Single Roll*/2500 PVL Next Day Durables
79404 3 Mil Inkjet Synthetic Paper/S8001/50#SCK Single Roll*/2500! PVL Next Day Durables
79453 2 Mil White PET TC/S8049/50#SCK SSR/2500 PVL Next Day Durables
79676 2 Mil Clear BOPP TC/S788P/40BG Single Roll*/2500 PVL 5 Days Pharmaceuticals
79732 2 Mil White PET TC/S8029/50#SCK SSR/2500 PFF Next Day Select Solutions™ Automotive